ILKE Association for Science Culture and Education was founded in 2010 by people who founded manyother charity and service institutions fort he purpose of extending opportunities in these areas.

ILKE, together with its foundations, Works in the areas of businessethicsand entrepreneurship, academic studiesand common education of religion and pioneersin developing the strategic aspects for these topics.

In this context, ILKE becomes a cntre that produces information, policiesand strategies fo working areas of our foundations; that represents our foundations in public, and that develops corporate relations.

The foundations under ILKE as as follow:

Turkish Entrepreneurship Business Ethics Foundation (IGIAD)

Scientific Studies Association (ILEM)

Association for Common Education and Culture (YEKDER)

Centres namely Research Center for Islamic Economics (IKAM) that conducts studies in the field of Islamic Economics and Corporate Governance Academy (KYA) that offers training and consultation services to NGOs are continuing their operation under ILKE.