The Future Turkey Project

We have also added “TheFutureTurkey” Project a welcome addition to our other solution orientated projects that measures the pulse of the world and is nourished from our local dynamics by establishing principles in order to contribute to Turkey’s vision for the future.

We provide visionary reports on education, higher education, economy, administration, foreign policy, civil society, cultural policies and social policies.

We aim to create a future projection by examining current reports and past practices and analyse the outcomes of such practices for Turkey. In each field, the reports are prepared by experts in their respective fields in order to shed light on the future road map that contains suitable applicable solutions. In addition to this, we hope to contribute to the recognition of Turkey in the global arena.

In terms of corporate values, following are the 7 basic principles that guide The Future Turkey Project reports:


All policy and implementation recommendations developed Justice in the reports, taking into account a fair division, to give

people and other living beings the value they deserve.


The reports are based on an approach that encompasses all Encompassing parts of society and prioritizes public affairs, regardless of

the particular interest of any group or entity.


Review, evaluation, recommendations and conclusions of the reports are consistent with each other.


The reports are based on social construction and positive criticism, not destructive criticism.

Participation and The reports outline and develop the participation and cont- Consultation ribution of different groups and actors.

Theoretical Integrity

The reports have an integrated theoretical framework.


The reports aim to positively influence the practices in the related field.

The ILKE Foundation aims to shed light on Turkey’s future with reports prepared under The Future Turkey Project. They are aimed at being principled, coherent and workable hence serve the fucntion of a reference guide. Experts in the field who have penned these reports, analyze the ongoing processes in their relevant areas and help in providing a framework that forms a vision projected for the upcoming decade.

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Merve Akkuş Güvendi


Kübra Bilgin Tiryaki


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