İLKE Association ascends to Foundation status

16 Temmuz 2019

The İLKE Association for Science, Culture, and Education has ascended to the status of Foundation (waqf) after an approximately 40-year long journey of pioneering many charities under its umbrella. Successfully attaining this new legal status, the foundation will conduct its education, research and development activities under its new name İLKE Foundation for Science, Culture, and Education.

Besides its competent team, ILKE has two boards namely Board of Trustees and Executive Board to monitor its operations. ILKE’s Board of Trustees is headed by Prof. Dr. Nihat Erdoğmuş whereas Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lütfi Sunar is the Chairman of ILKE’s Executive Board.

Under one roof here at ILKE, three member associations and two research centers are contributing to multifarious fields by performing their duties. Our member associations include ILEM (Scientific Studies Association), IGIAD (Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association) and YEKDER (Informal Education and Culture Association), and our research and publication activities are being carried out by EPAM (Education Policy Research Center) and TODAM (Social Thought and Research Center).