03 Mayıs 2020

New Director is being sworn in at Research Centre of Islamic Economics (IKAM), that works under ILKE foundation and has emerged as one of the world's leading institutions in the field of Islamic economics.

Established in 2016 under the umbrella of ILKE, IKAM, aims to encourage the production of competent ideas and theories and works towards creating grounds for the establishment of an economic system based on Islamic principles. Since 2016, IKAM has carried out many academic activities, and has organized many programs including workshops besides publishing quality research though its journal, reports and books. 

Dr. Taha Egri, the new director, is a member of the Faculty of Economics at Kırklareli University. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Murat Taşdemir from Istanbul Medeniyet University, Dr. Hamdi Cilingir from Sakarya University and Melih Turan, a PhD candidate have also joined IKAM’s Executive Board. 

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Dr. Taha Eğri completed his undergraduate education at the Economics Department of Bogazici University. He completed his master's degree in Economic Policy at Istanbul University with the thesis titled “Change of Turkish Agricultural Policies After 2000 and A Field Study: The Case of Kırklareli”. Eğri, who was a guest researcher at George Mason University between 2014-2016, completed his doctorate with the thesis titled “Economic Politics of Arab Riots and Transition to a Democracy: Egyptian Example” at Istanbul University, Department of Economics. Eğri, whose main fields of study are corporate economics, Middle East economies, military-economy relationship and Islamic economics, currently works as an Assist. Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Kırklareli University.