Foundation for Science Culture and Education (İLKE) was established with the purpose of keeping Islamic and humane values alive by being instrumental in promoting them.

Our journey began back in the 1980s but the establishment of the İLKE Foundation has proved to be a quantum leap in our furtherance. Till date we have supported the establishment of several beneficial organizations which have grown massively in their size and operations over time. More recently, we have grown into an umbrella institution that is playing a vital role in the betterment of the society through several associations and research centers it operates through.

At İLKE, we envision a prosperous world through transformative learning, social development and growth of individuals. İLKE is a platform for Muslim intelligentsia and organizations with Islamic orientation where debates take place, differing opinions are shared, and joint strategies for future action are planned.

As a premier institution of research and development in Turkey, we feel the pulse of the society hence regularly conduct research and propose policies and strategies to blaze the trail for the policy makers and direct them towards the right track. Against this backdrop, we have prepared technical reports in the field of economy, education, business ethics, civil society and law all of which have presented before the audience the foreseeable future of these fields concurrently preparing them for the imminent challenges they may face as well as the policy prescriptions to cope with those challenges.

Following associations and research centers operate under one roof here at ILKE:

Member Associations

Research Centers

İlmi Etüdler Derneği

İLEM: Scientific Studies Association

İslam İktisadı Araştırma Merkezi

İKAM: Research Center for Islamic Economics

Yaygın Eğitim ve Kültür Derneği

YEKDER: Informal Education and Culture Association

Toplumsal Düşünce ve Araştırma Merkezi


TODAM: Research Center for Social Thought and Policy

Türkiye İktisadi Girişim ve İş Ahlakı Derneği 

İGİAD: Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association

Eğitim Politikaları Araştırma Merkezi


EPAM: Research Center for Education Policy


Sivil Toplum Akademisi

STA: Civil Society Academy

We have adopted for ourselves the motto of knowing and understanding society, producing works by being aware of social needs, and performing solution-oriented activities. In this context, we are not just concerned with the problems of a particular community but with all the issues of humanity.

We believe in the importance of being more strongly prepared for tomorrow through a principled stance …

Our Member Associations

İGİAD: Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association

Established in 2003, İGİAD works in the fields of business ethics and entrepreneurship. İGİAD organizes trainings, events, and international trips in the business world. Owing to its activities, publications and events like Business Ethics Summit, the Turkish Journal of Business Ethics, and Humanistic Wage, İGİAD has an impactful position in the field. İGİAD aims for a rights-oriented business life and therefore focuses on disseminating morality to all aspects of economic life with its motto that “Immoral business is illegitimate.”

İLEM: Scientific Studies Association

Established in 2002, İLEM conducts academic studies and regular trainings for students, researchers and qualified scientists. İLEM performs basic and advanced research, training and publication activities to create the opportunity for a genuine and authentic scientific approach and organizes resounding national and international scientific meetings. The main goal of İLEM, which contributes through its magazines, projects, and publications to “building the future from the tradition,” is the creation of an approach that will encompass all of humanity with inspiration from our scientific tradition.

YEKDER: Informal Education and Culture Association

Established in 2003, YEKDER organizes trainings for disseminating the values that are felt missing in society. YEKDER organizes trainings and events for youth, children, and adults and works to create and implement an encompassing educational approach for raising ethically upright generations.


Our Research Centers

İKAM: Research Center for Islamic Economic

Research Center for Islamic Economics (IKAM) aims to produce competent ideas and theories in order to build Islamic eco­nomic thought in a holistic manner. It has successfully progressed as a center of excellence in the scientific discipline of Islamic economics and finance, promoting economic justice and prosperity through quality research, development of pragmatic monetary and fiscal policies, and business and trade practices strictly confounded to the contextual maps of ethically grounded discipline of Islamic Economics.

TODAM: Research Center for Social Thought and Policy

Research Center for So- cial Thought and Policy (TODAM), is aimed at creating a fair, righteous, and prosperous socie-ty. With a critical look on the intellectual growth and movements around the world, TODAM car- ries out researches in the field of social change and generates data sets and creates analysis models.

EPAM: Research Center for Education Policy

Research Center for Education Policy (EPAM) is working to strengthen the field of education in Turkey. By gathering relevant information and sharing it with the whole society EPAM is contributing towards the achievement of equal opportunities and justice in education all over the world. 

STA: Civil Society Academy

STA aims to develop the rationale for voluntary work and better understanding of civil society. At STA, we conduct trainings and events for increasing the institutional capacity of voluntary organizations and employees’ competence. We also carry out publications and research on developing the rationale for civil society. Thus, we aim to contribute to studies in the non-governmental field in a more organized, efficient, and continuous way without losing the motivation or spirit of volunteerism.


Our Values

We are promoting charity-based work to live and assist others live within the framework of Islamic and humanitarian values and to be the torch bearer for transformation of the society in this direction. We perform our duty in full cognizance of the needs of our time and look forward to cooperation and collaboration with other institutions who are working towards similar objectives. Our values include:

  • To exist with the aim of serving people and humanity
  • To always pursue the goal of the common good
  • To always adopt the Islamic principle of consultation in our work
  • To ensure merit in our assignments
  • To show diligence in performing our tasks
  • To be encompassing and inclusive in our activities

For detailed information about ILKE’s activities, please review our catalogue