İLKE Foundation was established with the purpose of keeping Islamic and humane values alive and being instrumental in experiencing them.

Our journey, which began in the 1980s, has taken on a new aspect with the establishment of the İLKE Foundation after various pauses. We have supported the establishment of many beneficial organizations up to today. Now we are working to deepen our activities for contributing to society through the organizations and centers located under our roof.

As İLKE, we produce information, policies, and strategies in the areas that Turkey feels are needed, we conduct research that will guide decision makers, and we contribute to forming the accumulations that are necessary for the future. Up to now we have made both public and civil contributions through studies conducted in the fields of education, business ethics, civil society, law, and management.

Located under the roof of İLKE are the İlmi Etüdler Derneği (İLEM: Scientific Studies Association), Yaygın Eğitim ve Kültür Derneği (YEKDER: Universal Education and Culture Association), and Türkiye İktisadi Girişim ve İş Ahlakı Derneği (İGİAD: The Venture Economics and Business Ethics Association of Turkey). In addition, we have continued our research and development activities within the foundation through İslam İktisadı Araştırma Merkezi (İKAM: Islamic Economics Research Center) and Kurumsal Yönetim Akademisi (KYA: Institutional Administration Academy). We have adopted for ourselves the motto of knowing and understanding society, producing works by being aware of social needs, and performing solution-oriented activities in all our works. In this context, we are not just concerned with the problems of a particular community but with all the issues of humanity.

We believe in the importance of being more strongly prepared for tomorrow through a principled pose…


Our Member Associations

İGİAD: The Venture Economics and Business Ethics Association of Turkey: Established in 2003, İGİAD works in the fields of business ethics and entrepreneurship. İGİAD organizes trainings, events, and trips on the voice of ethics and entrepreneurship in the business world and has an impactful position in the field through its practices and activities, such as the Business Ethics Summit, the Turkish Journal of Business Ethics, and Humanistic Living Wage. İGİAD aims for a rights-oriented business life and focuses on disseminating morality to all aspects of economic life with the motto “Immoral business is illegitimate.”

İLEM: Scientific Studies Institute: Established in 2002, İLEM conducts academic studies and forms the basis for training qualified scientists. İLEM performs basic and advanced trainings, research, and publications to create the opportunity for a genuine and authentic scientific approach and organizes resounding national and international scientific meetings. The main goal of İLEM, which contributes through its magazines, projects, and publications to “building the future from the accumulations of tradition,” is the creation of an approach that will encompass all of humanity with inspiration from our scientific tradition.

YEKDER: Universal Education and Culture Association: Established in 2003, YEKDER organizes trainings for conveying the values felt to be missing in society. YEKDER organizes trainings and events oriented toward youths, children, and adults and works to create and implement an encompassing educational approach for raising ethical generations.


Our Research Centers

İKAM: Islamic Economic Research Center İKAM aims to develop competent ideas and practices for universally constructing the idea of “Islamic economics.” With its identity as an international center through the various events organized within its structure and the books, reports, and magazines that are published, İKAM strives to create an intellectual basis where the economic state of existence can be reorganized. Carrying out its studies with the slogan of a fertile economy and a just society, İKAM aims to attain a prosperous and peaceful society.

Kurumsal Yönetim Akademisi (KYA: Institutional Administration Academy: KYA aims to develop the rationale of voluntary work and the perspective of civil society. At KYA, we conduct trainings and events on basically increasing the institutional capacities of voluntary organizations and employees’ competences; we carry out publications and research on developing the rationale of civil society. Thus we at KYA aim to contribute to studies in the non-governmental field being more organized, efficient, and continuous without losing their motivation or spirit of volunteerism.

Our Values

  • The İLKE Foundation, which exists with the goal of serving humans and humanity, acts on the axis of consultation in the performed studies, and always pursues the aim of beneficent participation, is an institution based on merit in its appointments, shows diligent care in its studies, and has acquired the motto of being encompassing and inclusive.
  • Exists with the aim of serving people and humanity
  • Always pursues the goal of beneficent association
  • Acts along the lines of consultation in the performed labors
  • Merit is essential in appointing
  • Showing diligence in our studies
  • Being encompassing and inclusive in our activities.